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3 of the most easy to learn techniques of foreplay

Posted by ROSERAIN on 2018-03-27

Tip1:Let the hair listen to 

It is said that the caress of the hair contains the message "want to have sex with you and get close." What's more, this feeling is still brought by your closest person, and its shocking power is not bad. Many people think that if the hair is broken, it won't hurt, but in fact, it is the sweetest and most arousing method of sexual desire.

The easiest way to learn is to put the palm of your hand on top of your hair and slowly slide the hair from the hair root to your hair tip. If the other person is not resisting, you can gently stroke the hair root with your finger and walk on the scalp. . The hair roots are the places where nerves gather, and they are very sensitive to external stimuli. Together with the feeling of the fingers, they reach the center of the brain, and the two people who care for each other's hair will have a novel satisfaction.

Tip2: Let the eyes imagine

It's not like you use your mouth to lick your partner's eyes like this "supersensory". It's called eyelids. In fact, because the face has a mouth that is almost a flood of contact organs, many people ignore the sexy eyelids this area.

Since the eyes are very fragile, care must be taken when carrying out this type of caress. First, the partner closes his eyes and swipes them with his little finger. If the other person accepts it, he can try to put it on his lips. The sensitivity of the lips can be felt. If the contact surface of the opponent's eyeball is too large, the contact surface of the entire lipprint is too large and the touch is not enough. You can also stick out your tongue to gently dial the other's eyelid with the tip of the tongue, which is not difficult to induce a desire for sex.

Tip3:Let the ear feel 

Listening to the words of love from the ear, or the whisper of the other party due to satisfaction, absolutely stimulates the feeling of sex. On the other hand, the caressing of the ear can also produce greater results. Many people are red and red when they are touched by the ear. This is also true.

The method of caressing the ears is to surround the other person's shoulders with his hands, and use two fingers to gently rub the other person's ears up and down. At this time, the itchiness comes and it is reminiscent of sexual pleasure. Later in the day, you can sip a warm breeze in your ear socket, and then use your lips to suck on it. This will make the pleasure of both sides burn even more vigorously. Of course, you can't excitement even the other person's eardrum is also broken.

There are still such skills in the original sexual activities. They really live and learn. In the past, as long as we pay attention, we can make sexual relations more harmonious.

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