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A Letter to My Beloved Wife

Posted by ROSERAIN on 2018-04-12
Sweetheart, today is your birthday. First of all, may you have a happy birthday! You may be surprised when you open this letter, because we haven't been communicating in this way for a long time, and today I also wrapped up a gift for you next to this letter. It is that Alex vibrator you saw when we went to Hongkong on holiday last time. I'm sure you'll like it!

Darling, do you know? Since I opened my own gender counseling center, I always feel I am really busy. At the beginning, I didn't know how to manage it and I couldn't really understand my customers, so I was busy with exploring. At that time, after I came home from work, I was busy on the computer or talked about the emotional issues with the customers on the phone. For months, I had little communication with you, and our time was all occupied by my work or housework. Now, I would like to say thank you for your understanding and support at that time. Otherwise, my job will not achieve such a rapid development.

Now my business is progressively growing in a stable way. Everyday, though I am still as busy as I used to be, I find more meaningful and happier, because there are so many customers that through communicating with me and telling their emotional problems, they have now become friends of me. Every day I think about how to improve the sexual life of young couples and coordinate the harmonious marriage between them. In this kind of thinking and communication, I am also touched by some clients' experiences, who are willing to open their hearts to care for each other, and even to give up their dignities for the sake of their loved ones. I think they have a true love, a harmonious love between them.

Dear, till today, I increasingly find myself not just a businessman; if I do conceptualize myself so, I really can't feel a bit of happiness. Actually, I started to position myself as the messenger of "sexual harmony and health". Since I witness one client after another gaining understanding, communication and trust from me, they have totally moved me. I also attentively care and guide them. When I hear them express their heartfelt thanks to me, I finally understand what is called love whatever job one takes up, what is the power of faith, and the reason for this constant efforts.

My love, today is your birthday, and today is also the 300 day since my company has been established. Dear, hereby I sincerely invite you to run this business together with me. I believe that with our joint effort, we will be able to make this meaningful career better!

Your husband:

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