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The 6 aphrodisiac trick that you don't know to make a groan could not stop

Posted by ROSERAIN on 2018-04-12

TIP1:Sex toys fall into madness

The advent of sex toys not only makes sexual life more fun, but also makes sexual pleasure more intense. For example, smart smart massage devices not only provide the most intelligent caress for women according to the reaction of the skin, but also make women feel the most intense. Can also play music, stimulate women's hearing, do not forget that music can help sex. A woman may gain frantic pleasure with the help of music and smart caress.


TIP2:Sexy lingerie tease attracts

Man is a visual animal, so put on a sexy underwear that fits his taste. Even if he does nothing, just touching his finger in front of him can make him crazy. At the same time, praising the other's strong or slender body curve, praising his (her) long eyelashes, high nose, seductive lips, or speaking two erotic jokes, can effectively mobilize the body's reactions and stimulate faster. The other person's orgasm.

TIP3:Unique set of climax again and again

Men’s strong time is not lasting, and it is always abandoned in two or three minutes. Both parties cannot enjoy the climax and can use some products that can improve male sexual abilities. For example, the long tight condoms on the special store for the long tight Internet, the condom special technology and the addition of natural Chinese herbal medicines, enabling men to gradually extend the men's time in the use of the process, restore the glorious, recreating climax.


Before sex starts, you can use some scent aphrodisiac, for example, you can spray aphrodisiac perfume in the bedroom, let the fragrance float into her body, arouse her lust. You can also apply some ylang-ylang massage oils during the foreplay, and under the aphrodisiac of ylang-ylang, her libido will slowly rise with your caress until you love it.

TIP5: The cowgirl is incredible

Perhaps influenced by traditional ideas, sexual life is generally male initiative, dominated by men, and women only need to accept or cooperate. In fact, sometimes try to let her take the initiative, will achieve the effect of less than the opposite sex. For example, you can choose to have a woman on top of her and control the rhythm of sex and the frequency of thrusting so that she can try to find out the way she can make her most enjoyable pleasure. And the woman's position liberates the man's hands and allows the woman to enjoy the breast caress while being sexual intercourse. How does multiple stimulations make her not crazy?

TIP6:the sweet words inspire passion

A woman is an audible animal and speaks more about her eyes while communicating. Seeing her affectionately, saying “I love you” to her and complimenting her strengths... These actions prove that what men love is everything about her, not just her body. This will make women emotional and more active into sex.

Many times men do not care about these details. In the past, as long as we pay attention, we can make sexual relations more harmonious

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