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The brand explanation for ROSE RAIN. In Love We Trust means that we believe in love.

From the same name film 'In Love We Trust',two people who are truly in love are just like 'Left and Right'. Left and right are very opposite, but without each other, they don't exist. Because of the love between right and left, we trust each other in the deep love. This is the invisible force of love and the establishment of trust. At the same time, it is the belief in love that makes love to be love, and makes trust to be continued.

ROSE RAIN focuses on high-quality products, focuses on sexual health of male and female! ROSE RAIN is committed to male and female's healthy knowledge and cultural exchange, science popularization and education to reduce the divorce rate because of sexual disharmony, to construct the happy family and harmonious society. ROSE RAIN was born for love and dedicated to love. You are not only buying the products, but also the ROSE RAIN's love for solving the problem of sexual harmony.

ROSERAIN always committed to providing terminal customers with high quality, reliable and healthy sex toys.

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