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ROSE ONLY Key Massager Woman toys Wand Massager 6-Speed Adjustment



Battery Capacity:400mA

Battery Type:Polymer Lithium-ion battery

Charging time:<2h

Maximum continuous use:2hours

Motor:Tungsten Steel Motor

Vibration modes:6+1 

Charging method:USB Cable

Waterproof Level:IPX6.5 ( can immersed into water)

Proper maintenance may extend the life of the product, please read the following instructions carefully before using the product, Comply with the following steps before using the product: 


Do the necessary cleaning and disinfection before/after using, clean with antibacterial soap and warm water, then wipe gently with a clean towel or soft cloth. Do not use alcohol containing detergents, gasoline or acetone to clean the product. Not recommend to use boiled water to disinfect. 

Selection of lubricant:

Massage oil or cream will be prohibited to use as a lubricant. Silicone lubricants can not be used, it will make the surface of the product damaged. 

Storage and security:

Store it well beyond the reach of children. When it won't be used for a long time, please put it in the original box or self-provided storage bag, so as to avoid unnecessary scratches or be infected external bacteria. 

Built in battery maintenance:

Your product is the use of rechargeable battery, new battery need to carry out two or three charge discharge process 

Maintenance and warranty:

30 days money back guarantee, 90 days replacement warranty; 1 years free maintenance 


  1. Make sure the massager in a safe place while charging.
  2. Stop using when you feel uncomfortable or no longer smooth or has sharp edges for the massager
  3. Not recommend to use it in depth of one meter pool.
  4. Air dry and avoid direct sunlight or exposure in high temperature environment for a long time.
  5. Don't use any other external equipment to heat and dry the product, such as a microwave oven, hair dryer, etc.
  6. The product contains a lithium battery. Pls put it in the recycle appropriately.
  7. Don't bend more than 50°and can't be soaked for longer.